Shading, lighting and rendering

"Fruitopia" final boss
Before I focused on FX, I took some basic knowledge on modeling and texturing characters in a graphics for videogames course. That course was in 3ds max, in collaboration with a videogame programing master. The final part of the course included helping the master students to finish their project in their last month: a small videogame. I worked in Fruitopia, a game based on fighting fruits with a very innocent looking graphic style. I was in charge of creating the final boss for the game, an armored pineapple. I modeled, textured, rigged and animated all the movements.

 After my erasmus in Sweden, i got together with some friends and formed Yuhu! Studio, a work group to develop small animation projects to practice and develope our skills. We started working on a small animation called Driven, a cartoon creature who swings moods and colours with music. I was in charge of the colorscript and texturing. The project is still in production as the animation is still not finished. I learned a lot about texture layers during this project. The character design, modeling, and animation belongs to Alejandro Olmos and Carlos Salmerón

Finally, as part of my master in FX, I also learnt how to light and render with Arnold, from Solid Angle. Devast, my final project, is completely rendered with Arnold, excluding only the volumetric elements created in Houdini, wich are rendered with Mantra.

All of the renders on this article are shaded, lighted and rendered with Arnold.

Driven's Colorscript

Green Driven - Calm
Orange Driven - Happiness
Red Driven - Wrath
Blue Driven - Sadness
Yellow Driven - Surprise

E/Rupt from "Devast"
Dee - Rill from "Devast"

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