My name is Enrique Moral Morris, I am a 24 years old spanish Fine Arts graduate, with Graphic Design and VFX as my professional career.

Since I was young I picked an interest in art and it's history; luckily I was able to start travelling to different countries at a young age, and learn about different cultures, customs and history. That, linked to an education  which made emphasis on the art history, design, and creativity led me to choose Fine Arts as my career.

During my studies in Fine Arts I picked an interest in sculpture and wood etching as forms of self expression, but I also started studying design and made a first contact with the 3D tools and the VFX world.

My last year of Fine Arts took place in Linköping, Sweden, where I developed an art project about identity which also allowed me to learn a lot about myself and how I'd manage my professional career: I'd study graphic design as a base and dedicate myself to VFX as working on movie FX or videogames was my first choice for years now.

When I came back to Spain I took a professional course on graphic design, and then a master on VFX.

My basic CV (spanish), and the english version here, if you want further information don't hesitate on contacting me.

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